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Police escort employees out of the United Parcel Service building in San Francisco, California, after a gunman reportedly shot some employees on Wednesday, June 14, Police investigate a shooting scene at the United Parcel Service building where drivers are escorted out of the facility in San Francisco, California, on Wednesday, June 14, Police cordon off a street corner outside the United Parcel Service building in San Francisco, California, where two victims were killed in a gun ram, Wednesday, June 14, Police report Midnight Detroit Michigan escort total of four people died including the gun man.

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Vessel traffic management systems Sexy escorts in Oceanside be employed for environmental management where vessel activity may be of concern. One such location is in San Francisco Bay where a variety of vessel types transit a highly developed urban estuary.

We analyzed vessel presence and speed across space and time using vessel data from the Marine Monitor, a vessel tracking system that integrates data from the Automatic Identification System and a marine-radar sensor linked to a high-definition camera.

San francisco call, volume 98, 17, 20 july

In doing so, we provide data that can inform collision risk to cetaceans who show an increased presence in the Bay and evaluation of the value in incorporating data from multiple sources when observing vessel Fairfeild Lakeland escorts. We found that ferries traveled the greatest distance of any vessel type. Ferries and other commercial Fairfield CA area escort agency e.

Large shipping vessels often traveled at speeds greater than 10 kn when transiting the study area, and ferries traveled at speeds greater than 30 kn.

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We found that distance traveled Mature english escorts Austin Texas TX speed varied by season for tugs, motorized recreational and sailing vessels. Distance traveled varied across day and night for cargo ships, tugs, and ferries while speed varied between day and night only for ferries. Between weekdays and weekends, distance traveled varied for cargo ships, ferries, and sailing vessels, while speed varied for ferries, motorized recreational craft, and sailing vessels.

Radar-detected vessel traffic ed for Vessel traffic monitoring systems are often used for maritime surveillance and traffic control in coastal areas e. Many marine protected areas MPAs fail to meet thresholds for effective management due to staff and budget capacity Gill et al. Vessel traffic monitoring Prostitute numbers in Allentown can provide an unbiased and data-based solution as an alternative to traditional onboard observers or manned patrol activity Bartholomew et al.

Vessel tracking technologies, such as the Automatic Identification System AISinform an understanding of vessel use of the marine environment through time and space.

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Since AIS was not originally deed for environmental management, there are limitations to the use Be a Oregon person AIS in this capacity Robards et al. Solutions have been proposed to fill these data gaps including ship- and land-based radar, and air- and space-born radar Bloisi et al.

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Radar systems with an Automatic Radar Plotting Aid track unique live targets whose attributes can later be stored for post hoc analysis Nohara et al. Satellite images, digital photographs, and video can also be used to supplement vessel and activity detection and tracking e. The Marine Monitor M2 is a low-cost proprietary coastal monitoring system developed by ProtectedSeas that integrates these multiple components including AIS, off-the-shelf marine Escorts in Green Bay WI angles, and a high-definition camera.

The M2 was initially deed to assist in vessel monitoring of remote MPAs.

Original research article

The ecological benefits of MPAs, like fish stock replenishment, habitat protection, and anticipated Roxanne San Juan escort biodiversity, Escorts in Harrisburg or dependent on implementation and enforcement of restrictions on activities Edgar et al. The M2 autonomously monitors vessel traffic in coastal areas in place of physically manned patrols that require resources like boat-use, fuel, and human Best asian escort Reno ProtectedSeas, In addition to lowering these operational costs, the M2 provides a more affordable tool than military-grade radar equipment often utilized by law enforcement.

Local sources in the Chesapeake Bay area and Costa Rica report that more complex radar systems utilizing this type of equipment for vessel monitoring in protected areas have a cost on the order of millions Prudente, ; Costa Rican Times, It utilizes solar panels for its power supply and directs all data through a local computer which transmits over wireless internet to an online portal where users can view both live and historic data via an internet web browser. The M2 can provide managers with live situational awareness of their area without needing to be physically present on the water, and historical data can facilitate vessel activity analysis over time to inform future management decisions.

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San Francisco Bay SFB in central California is the second largest estuary in the contiguous United States, is heavily urbanized, and is an ideal location for evaluating a vessel monitoring system, like the M2, that integrates data from different vessel tracking technologies as both commercial shipping, destined for major ports, heavy recreational vessel traffic filling Cheapest independent escorts Dayton 80 marinas Zabin et al.

Harbor porpoises Phocoena phocoena are in the Bay year round Stern et al.

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Collisions Escort santo Indianapolis vessels Female escorts in Moncks Corner SC all sizes are a direct threat to cetacean species along the Lubbock TX vale escorts coast Dransfield et al. In the SFB area, cetacean strandings and mortalities are often accompanied by evidence of vessel collisions Barcenas-De la Cruz et al. Common ship-strike mitigation efforts include vessel route adjustments and speed restrictions.

The likelihood of a lethal strike is ificantly reduced at speeds below 10 kn Laist et al. On the U. SFB lies outside of these managed area boundaries. With the growing presence of cetaceans in SFB and gray whales at a heightened risk, it is critical that we understand both the spatial and temporal trends in vessel traffic.

The spatial and temporal extent of vessel use is vital to evaluating overlap with cetacean habitat Redfern et al.

This research utilized a new technology, the M2, to track major vessel classes within a portion of SFB using data collected via AIS broadcasts and radar combined with photographs for those vessels that did not broadcast AIS data. shed light Playa del Wichita KS prostitution potential threats to cetaceans by answering the following questions: 1 how do vessel presence and speed vary spatially?

A baseline understanding of vessel traffic provides a foundation for traffic management and future cetacean risk assessments in SFB. The methods used also provide insight on utilizing M2 for vessel monitoring. The study Escorts in poplar Oakland was defined by the maximum range of the marine radar sensor, approximately 60 km 2 in the northern portion of the Central Bay, as this was smaller in spatial extent than the range of AIS detection points.

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AIS data are transmitted over very-high-frequency VHF channels United States Coast Guard [USCG],while the radar relies on electromagnetic pulse reflections to identify solid objects, limiting the range of target detection due Moreno Valley CA escort rabbit the presence of land, bridges, and dock structures within the area. The M2 radar system tracks vessels within a range of 5 nmi ProtectedSeas, but can regularly track targets at greater distances depending on sea state. Conditions in SFB allowed for vessels to be tracked across the study area defined in Figure 1.

Naval history and heritage command

While the full area Joliet point escort SFB and its tributaries is large approximately 1, km 2vessels must pass through the study area to access the major ports of Richmond, Sacramento, and Stockton, and the area is surrounded by ferry terminals and marinas on all sides. Therefore, the study area is representative of a range of vessel classes observed in SFB. Figure 1. San Francisco Bay Area left with study area in the Central Bay right indicated by the solid black line.

The M2 system provided spatial data in two formats. For vessels Escorts billings Phoenix by radar, the camera linked to the radar sensor output, part of the M2 system, archived digital photographs of these vessels. We manually determined vessel type for all radar-detected vessels using Exclusive Trenton NJ escorts photographs which allowed us to include those vessel types that did not transmit AIS data.

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Interpretation of photographs was limited by daylight and weather conditions, so we consider our radar-detected vessel data to be an underestimate of total traffic. Since the accuracy of AIS data is dependent on vessel user input and onboard equipment and transmitter functioning Schwehr and McGillivary,we removed tracks from consideration that were likely erroneous or duplicates.

We calculated the maximum speed Chesapeake VA westword personals for all vessel tracks using the speed over ground attribute Escorts Kissimmee FL cheap in the detection points, and removed any track with an unreasonable maximum speed Rycyk et al. Due to the geographic complexity and heavy vessel use of SFB, Pete Chattanooga TN escorts attributed maximum speeds greater than 50 kn to onboard equipment error or the detection of an aircraft by radar, and these tracks were removed from analysis 1, of 37, total AIS tracks observed, or 3.

The radar sensor tracked all vessels in its range regardless of whether vessels were transmitting AIS data, so the M2 system identified and removed radar-detected vessel tracks that duplicated AIS tracks. This is accomplished by associating detection points from the marine radar sensor with AIS detection points using the following qualifications: points were within m in geolocation, were detected less than 15 s apart, had a difference in speed less than 1.

Application of a new shore-based vessel traffic monitoring system within san francisco bay

If two points met all requirements, one association was created. Radar-detected vessel tracks with more than 20 points associated with an AIS track were removed from consideration. Those vessel tracks with less than 20 associated detection points that duplicated AIS tracks were First class Merced escorts in the photo-identification process and removed from consideration as well.

Of the totalradar-detected tracks, , or Positional error of radar data dependent on range may have impacted radar and AIS track associations since one requirement is that both detection points be within m in geolocation.

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Since AIS data is self-reported and relies on onboard equipment functioning, the positional error of this data is unknown. To rectify this error, we identified and removed false negatives in photo-identification, and we considered false positives to be highly unlikely due to ad hoc observation and the other requirements necessary for association, including similar speed and heading.

Both radar-detected vessels and vessels transmitting AIS data were reclassified into six major vessel classes that reflected the primary vessel types that used the study area: cargo, tanker, tug, ferry, motorized recreational vessels, and sailing vessels Table 1. First, we generated a grid across the study area in a GIS.

With the formula. Only cells completely contained within the study area were used. Sex escort in Bellevue WA, we calculated density trips per day for each vessel class by counting the of unique voyages within a cell and dividing by the total of days Corning Laredo TX escorts. We also calculated median speed over ground using all detection points within a cell for each vessel class.

Finally, we overlaid the density and speed maps to create a bivariate choropleth map for each vessel class to facilitate viewing both simultaneously. Granny escorts Puerto Rico quantified vessel presence by summing the length of all tracks per day over the study area for each vessel class Jensen et al.

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The speed over ground for all detection points within the study area was averaged for each day and for each vessel class. Seasons were ased using commonly defined calendar quarters in the region: winter was ased to January—March, spring to April—June, summer to July—September, and autumn to October—December Forney and Barlow, ; Becker et al. We used a Shapiro—Wilk test to find that median total track length and average speed across days of data collection were not normally distributed across most temporal resolutions Supplementary Escort app Nyc 1—3.

We conducted post hoc analysis for vessel classes Person profile Joliet a ificant difference in daily distance or average speed across seasons. Data on commercial vessels were primarily provided by AIS, and data on recreational vessels were primarily provided by radar Figure 2.

AIS data provided track data across 64, nmi, or Ferries traveled the greatest total distance through the study area while cargo ships traveled the least total distance Figure 2.

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Figure 2. Total distance traveled in the study area in nmi across days of h data acquisition for all Denver CO prostitutes price vessel classes.

Distance traveled is separated by data source AIS or radar. Motorized recreational and sailing vessel distance calculation did not include vessel transits at night. Commercial vessel traffic cargo and tanker ships, tugs, and ferries was most dense in distinct paths across the study area Figures 3a—d. These vessels traveled at speeds greater than 10 kn while transiting through the study area but under 10 kn while transiting near the Port of Richmond.