Los escasos recursos que genera Bolivia hoy, y que bien podrían ser dirigidos hacia el financiamiento propio de nuestro desarrollo, tienen que destinarse a responder a deudas elevadas, muy elevadas, contraidas en otras épocas, bajo otras condiciones, en otros gobiernos y en otras circunstancias. Over and above this imbalance, the world is faced by an environmental crisis which could endanger it if adequate remedial steps are not taken in time.

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La situation économique internationale actuelle n'est nullement favorable à nos pays en développement, tout particulièrement pour les moins avancés d'entre eux, notamment mon pays. If developing countries are seriously to be assisted in their efforts to improve the conditions of their people, it is necessary to establish fair and market-oriented trading systems, including that tariff and non-tariff barriers be neither intensified nor extended to additional products and support prices to producers. Pour l'heure, ce n'est nullement le producteur agricole qui profite d'abord et avant tout des mesures prises, mais plutôt les commerçants et les intermédiaires qui réalisent ainsi une accumulation de capitaux extrêmement rapide. All too often we tend to forget that the farmer is our "Target" and we are intermediaries in that process irrespective of whatever Agency or institution we may be working for. It is the responsibility of this Organization and its collective membership to seek solutions to the immediate needs of the vast majority of the world's population affected, as we have noted, by the recent trends in the decline in the production of staple foods below levels of consumption, the increasing inability of many States to command the means of access to available food resources because of the attendant difficulties in import financing, debt servicing and the stagnation or decline in export earnings. Tengo esplín cuando llueve. Le Directeur général de la FAO, comme nous l'avons déjà dit par le passé et nous tenons à le répéter ici, reçoit toute notre confiance pour sa capacité à persévérer depuis de si longues années à la tête d'une organisation aussi prestigieuse que la FAO. Secondly, I wish to assure you of my delegation's cooperation and the fullest support.

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He was too blind to read the letter. Me da el corazón que no viene. Seque la tinta que ha derramado.

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Consideramos que esto es un aparato suficiente. Podemos cruzar el río en esta barca. We feel that it reflects faithfully our efforts to minimize the effects of the financial crisis on the execution of regular programmes. Among these are the structural adjustment programmes which have unfortunately caused major difficulties in the short term where implementation is being undertaken and to this extent it is in our opinion necessary for structural adjustment programmes to include some measures to identify and ameliorate some if not all of the inevitable short-term negative effects. Because of the under-utilization and decline of the agricultural production capacity, first of all the inputs supply must be brought up to the mark. He was too blind to read the letter. We should commend such effort, but we should also urge a much greater contribution than is presently the case.



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