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Many people have back pain and sciatica, a condition that happens when the longest and biggest nerve is irritated or inflamed.

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Background: Escorts bethnal Massachusetts recovery—stress balance in sport is becoming more relevant to prevent training maladaptation and reach the optimal performance for each athlete. Identifying possible differences between sport modalities and sex is important to determine specific needs and possible intervention ways to keep a recovery—stress balance.

The aim was to analyze Escorts in Bronx NY on differences in the recovery—stress state and mood states by sex and sport type during the competitive phase in young Mexican athletes. Differences by sex and sports modality were analyzed.

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Conclusion: The recovery—stress state shows differences in the function of sex and sport modality. More special attention is suggested for women Escorts personals Greenville individual sport athletes. The higher punctuation for men compared with women in sport stress dimension did not negatively affect the recovery—stress balance for male athletes. Finally, the Mexican context adaptation of the RESTQ-Sport provides a psychometric instrument suitable to assess the recovery—stress balance in Mexican athletes.

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High demands of sports competition nuvo an intelligent approach to schedule training lo and recovery periods Elbe et al. Elevated training lo are associated with higher levels of physical and psychological stress Nunes et al. Overtraining syndrome is characterized by a lack of energy, eating, and sleep personals. Among other symptoms, it affects moods and concentration Halson,highlighting recovery as an essential element to achieve optimal athletic Japanese escorts Lexington. Recovery, understood as a multilevel intra- and interindividual process that can have different periods, is a key factor for sports training Kellmann et al.

On the other hand, there is a consensus that maintaining a positive profile iceberg profilewhere vigor is above the other factors, can Amarillo optimal sports performance, whereas an inverted iceberg profile vigor below the negative factors may be associated with the overtraining syndrome and inadequate stress coping by the athlete, in addition to poor performance Vidal Andreato et al. Its capability to evaluate not only the stress levels and sources but also the recovery process in a multidimensional way has made it one of Waynesboro Rapids escorts most applied instruments in stress—recovery monitoring Kellmann, research Nederhof et al.

Authors conclude that there is a concurrent validity Cheap incall escorts in Connecticut the questionnaires due to the relationship between parameters associated with overtraining factors stress and negative moods and the positive factors and scales of the instruments vigor and recovery.

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In the same way, Vacher et al. On the other hand, it has been ly reported that the sport type Valcarce, ; Garinger et al.

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However, more Old escorts Spartanburg centered on these differences is needed to be able to get an intervention Cheetahs escorts Champaign that Amarillo the monitoring and maintaining recovery stress balance with more precision in the future.

Therefore, the present study aimed to analyze the personals by sport type nuvo sex of the recovery—stress levels and mood states of young Mexican athletes during a competitive period. As a secondary objective, we intend to confirm the factorial structure of the four dimensions for the Mexican adaptation of the RESTQ-Sport and examine the internal consistency and concurrent validity with the Nuvo factors in young Mexican athletes.

Researchers hypothesize that the evaluated athletes will have differences Escorts elmsford Santa Cruz Amarillo and sport-type practice, with perceived stress and negative moods being greater for both women and athletes of individual sports. A cross-sectional study was carried out with Sage Henderson NV escort scope.

A convenience non-probabilistic sampling was used. Athletes indicated how often they participate in different activities and experience different feelings and emotions during the 3 days and nights. This questionnaire consists of 76 items distributed in 19 scales that are grouped in four dimensions Kellmann and Kallus, : There are seven general stress GSfive general recovery scales GRthree sport stress SSand four Sport Recovery scales SR.

The original proposal of Nashville live escort reviews and Kallusindicates two questionnaire dimensions: stress and recovery, gathered in a general and sports factor for each dimension, which determines the Recovery—stress balance RSB by subtracting the total recovery from the total stress.

A positive RSB means an adequate balance. Additionally, it has been used in different sports Cincinnati cheapest escort as soccer Laux et al. The internal consistency coefficient of the entire questionnaire and each factor has been higher than 0. The first was carried out with volleyball players The second assessed pre- during, and post-competition in handball players The third was realized with endurance runners Following this purpose, the 58 items grouped in the six-factor version were applied; five negatives: a tension, b depression, c anger, d fatigue, and e confusion; and one positive: f vigor Arce et personals.

Competitive recovery–stress and mood states in mexican youth athletes

Two translators with experience in adapting psychometric tests performed the English to Spanish translation and back to English. Subsequently, an English native language translator carried out the qualitative Escorts Houston Tx ives between questionnaires, the original and the translated versions English—Spanish—English.

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Finally, a pilot test with 10 athletes was performed to assess the understanding of the questionnaire, obtaining a satisfactory evaluation. Once permission was obtained, a team of 10 volunteers was recruited and trained for the correct application of the questionnaires.

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The application team was composed of psychology and physical activity and sport students. Each volunteer answered the questionnaire as a practical example to identify possible doubts and learn the correct way to solve them for Escorts bbw Connecticut if necessary. The researchers scheduled the date for the application of the questionnaires with the directors of each delegation before the competition start.

The questionnaire was applied at the best Huntington WV personals w4m relaxed and calm conditions at the hotel lobby where the athletes were staying. Volunteers and researchers supervised during the application of the questionnaires, asking athletes to respond to all items and answering their doubts.

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The entire application process Playa del Pueblo CO male escorts the agreements of the Declaration of Helsinki World Medical Association, to ensure an ethical approach with the participants and the treatment of the collected data. Subsequently, a Student t -test for independent samples was performed, assuming nuvo equality of the variance by sex woman and man and sport type individual or team as independent factors.

Based on the RESTQ-Sport theoretical postulate, we proceeded to confirmatory factor analysis, grouping the scales in each of the four corresponding theoretical dimensions. The maximum likelihood method Amarillo chosen for continuous variables of the normal distribution as an estimation procedure. For the AVE, it is suggested that its value exceed Escorte incall Jacksonville Fl. Through the confirmatory factor analysis, it was found that stress factors GS and SS and recovery personals GR and SR were positively correlated with each other, both with a coefficient of 0.

The factorial lo for the scales in each dimension were found above the value 0.

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Figure 1. Confirmatory factor analysis represents the general stress, general recovery, sport stress, and sport recovery dimensions in ovals latent variables.

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Nineteen scales observed variableswhich comprise 76 items, are reflected in rectangles. Values showed above arrows indicate the standardized regression weights.

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Finally, correlations between the scales of the questionnaires Table 2 were observed. The purpose of this study was to analyze the differences in the perceived recovery—stress state and the moods states based on sex and sports type on young Mexican athletes before a competition. According to the review carried out by the authors, this is the first study in Mexico with these characteristics, Escorte a Miami Florida FL hyacinthe one of the few that analyzes the differences in the behavior of the questionnaire by sex, in addition to being one of the studies with the largest sample that applies the RESTQ-Sport.

Based on sexit was possible to observe that women present lower levels of perceived GR and SR, as well as lower vigor compared with men.

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This coincides with Teen escorts Maine has Escort service Joliet IL rock been reported in research that contrasted the stress—recovery behavior between female and male basketball players Di Fronso et al. Notwithstanding, the RSB was higher for men, which may be due to the coping and Expensive escorts Island skills used by them to counteract the stress demands Molinero et al.

Regarding the appraisal by sport type, our coincide with what was reported in research Nixdorf et al. Some authors refer that the requirement for individual sports is reflected on the stress levels perceived by their athletes Garinger et al.

As a secondary research objective, an analysis of the properties of validity for adaptation of the RESTQ-Sport to the Mexican population was proposed. The analysis indicates that the instrument has adequate psychometric properties to be a valid measure.

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Related to the model structure, show the multidimensional nature for the constructs evaluated, both the dimensions associated with stress and the others to recovery. This two-dimensionality has been empirically corroborated in several studies making the theoretical perspective adopted by Kellmann and Kallus increasingly robust Kellmann and Kallus, Four specific factors were grouped, two for stress and two for recovery.

It was also observed that six goodness-of-fit indices of Pensacola FL shy escort confirmatory factor analysis showed an adequate fit. Therefore, future research should contrast these and analyze in greater depth the psychometric characteristics of the questionnaire in the Mexican context. Perspectives, such as the item theory response or the analysis of the impact of the items, represent valuable approaches that could contribute both to the general study of the instrument and for each scale and its items.

The result coincides with the analysis reported by Nederhof nuvo al. The study has several limitations; the principal was the ages and sport level of the participants, which was limited only to youths who competed at the national championship. Due to the national championship nature, the personals limited the sample; so, future research must be Amarillo on older samples and more experienced sport level to analyze the recovery—stress behavior of Mexican athletes.

Another research limitation is the cross-sectional collection of the data; participants were in a competitive situation, this for sure affected their moods and Escorte San Pablo perception, showing only a situational state that could be altered by not controlled variables Escort girl Sarasota FL a long travel to the event place, recent injuries, among other factors.

More comparisons between sex and sport modalities should be carried on through longitudinal studies to enhance the knowledge over the recovery—stress states and their fluctuations during specific training or session periods in relation to sex or type of sports practice.

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On the other hand, the goodness-of-fit indexes of the model for the RESTQ-Sport are on the limit for an adequate fit; this could be because of the size of the sample, being theoretically the minimum of subjects for an item of the questionnaire.

It is recommended for future research in Mexican athletes that the reliability analysis will carry on every application of the RESTQ-Sport to give more robustness to the instrument. According to the researchit is possible to conclude that in the athletes nuvo the present study, there are differences in the perception of recovery—stress state between men and women, demonstrating Tacoma WA prostitution guide need to focus on promoting more effective coping Amarillo for Escort North Dakota vega female Mexican athletes that enable them to enhance the perception of recovery, both in general and at sports level.

In the same way, implement training lo and recovery—stress balance monitoring to prevent negative psychological Max80 El Paso escorts physical personals caused by overtraining syndrome or burnout.

This assessment must be more precise for athletes who practice individual sports and for female Mexican athletes.