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For all irgs handled by ROC the station will follow below steps. The other qualifiedd staff will be available at extra cost. In case the reissue leads to a partial refund of the passenger, the Central Back Office

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unifi voucher

software together. Jsp file I got from. I have added the following line to ml: div class"create_time" Create Time: unifi var"create_time" / /div The voucher prints "Create Time but does not print the date/time. Unf else output1 fi # ask controller to do a backup, response contains the path to the backup file pathcurl_cmd -data "json'cmd backup baseurl/api/s/site/cmd/system sed -n 's/. Full thread Read more see all solutions best Answer.

The option to print vouchers does not give the Multi-Use / One-Time value. Press h to open a hovercard with more details. " echo " echo "export usernameubnt" echo "export passwordubnt" echo "export baseurlhttps localhost:8443" echo "export sitedefault" echo " return fi unifi_login # authenticate against unifi controller curl_cmd -data username username 'password password baseurl/api/login unifi_logout # logout curl_cmd baseurl/logout rm cookie unifi_api if # -lt. The web interface only gives me 8 records at a time.  I just modified the file to create a delimited "printout" that I just copy and paste into Notepad. I want to give each manager about 20 or so vouchers that they can use for their guests, so there will be about 300 in total to start.

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" ; then curl_cmd -data "json'create_time token" fi # stat/voucher # query(create_time) unifi_get_vouchers set -x if # -lt 0 ; then echo "Usage: litebit couponcode 0 token" return fi token1 "token"! I have an Access database that links to the file and splits the data into multiple users' Excel files. I want that to be in Excel format. uri uri" json "json" " json" curl_cmd -data "json" baseurl/api/s/siteuri # cmd/stamgr # authorize-guest(mac, minutes, upkbps, downkbps, bytesMB) unifi_authorize_guest if # -lt 2 ; then echo "Usage: 0 mac minutes upkbps downkbps bytesMB ap_macmac" return fi mac1 minutes2 curl_cmd -data "json'cmd authorize-guest 'mac mac baseurl/api/s/site/cmd/stamgr. View this "Best Answer" in the replies below ». Please define required env vars before including unifi_sh. I suppose at this point you could use 3rd party software to pull the data from the PDF and put it in excel if you really wanted, but it doesn't seem worth the effort.