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At the end of the day, being a human being is complicated. In this lesson, we will learn about utopias and dystopias, two types of settings that often appear in speculative fiction or science fiction works. If you've ever heard a political pundit or other writer use the term thoughtcrime, doublethink, or Big Brother, you're hearing terms from 1984. Can you imagine a world without grandparents?

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After all, if fiction writers could devise solutions to our world's biggest problems, such as world office depot 40 off coupon hunger, poverty, and war, then we probably would have implemented them and be currently living in a utopia! Another reason dystopias are more popular with writers is because they are, by their very nature, full of conflict, an integral part of any engaging story. As you can no doubt tell, dystopian stories have found an increased popularity in the young adult genre of literature. Sounds pretty great, right? Living in a Perfect World, imagine a world without war, where everyone gets along. For that reason, there are usually more stories about dystopias than utopias. Unfortunately, the people living under such perfect conditions are inherently imperfect, so governments and societies try to correct that, too. A Perfect World Gone Wrong, unfortunately, the short answer is 'no.' While many have tried to create the perfect society, an equal number have failed. If you get confused about which is which, look at the different prefixes used: the u in utopia means either no or good, while dys means bad. Propaganda controlling people's minds, free thinking and independent thought is banned. Bubbling beneath the surface, however, are a number of problems.